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Signature Trio

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Can't decide? Purchase a gift set of all three signature blends and save!

All oils use are of the highest quality, therapeutic grade pure essential oils, blended in fractionated coconut oil, and packaged in a 10ml glass roller with bamboo lid.

Blend #1: Spirit Forest

The original Enclume signature blend! A transporting blend of Bergamot, Cypress, Cedarwood and Vetiver. The magic of a walk through the deepest of forests!

NOTES: Herbaceous | Uplifting | Earthy

Bergamot brings complex citrus notes, sweet and uplifting

Cypress is warm and comforting, herbaceous, fresh and woody

Cedarwood woodsy and warm, calming and uplifting

Vetiver is earthy and warm, woodsy and tranquil.


Blend #2: Deep Rose

A beautiful blend of pure Damascena Rose essential oil, with hints of Nutmeg and Palo Santo.

NOTES: Floral | Spicy | Woody

Rose is rich and intoxicating, uplifting the heart and restoring the Remembrance of Love.

Nutmeg is warming and sweet, uplifting and energising the senses.

Palo Santo brings a woody depth, spiritual protection and meditative tranquility.


Blend #3: Sacred Spice

An intoxicating blend of Sacred Frankincense, Black Pepper, Petitgrain and Myrrh. Deeply warming, grounding and spiritually stimulating.

NOTES: Spicy | Woody | Earthy

Sacred Frankincense is a spiritual oil, meditative, rich and earthy.

Black Pepper is warming, fragrant and energising.

Petitgrain brings a fresh, floral and uplifting tone.

Myrrh is grounding, spiritually stimulating - a holy anointing oil