The Tale of the Coral Necklace

The Tale of the Coral Necklace

It's been an extraordinary few years. As we all know. The shape shifting changes brought about by global pandemic, in my case had it's own intense orelude of the shop fires of 2019.

And even though at the time I knew that this too was from the Beloved, and that there had to be a greater plan, the ordeal of that change, that death and rebirth, had to be endured, felt
and ultimately sacrificed to the whole.

A profound journey began for me, of giving over everything that had been, the way everything had been up until that point.

And that process is continued to the past two and a half years.

During this entire period I haven't worked with the same currents that I knew in the Osiris studio. I've made pieces here and there, that would be an expression of creative play, but the depths of what would move to create a body of work, were not given to be immersed in over this time.

I'm now beginning to feel space once more for creative play emerging, and where I've been moved is into this undoing of the story of the red coral necklace.

It's a bittersweet story because as we know,
the oceans are plundered, and have been for far too long, leaving a wreckage and a devastation that may never be recovered, until we as a species have been moved on from the place. 

So one day I stumbled  across this vintage red coral necklace that was purchased half a century ago, in an ocean village, and lovingly worn all that while.

So as I pull apart this story, and begin to create a new story as a tribute to the ocean and her majesty,  I ask forgiveness for the naivity and selfishness, in all that we have brought to bear upon the this mysterious body of life that is our ocean 

She is and always has been home to me,  a place of deep renewal, a place of remembering, and of reconnecting.

In the water, I am just dissolved and I am found.

There is a grand peace in her depth.

There is a strength. so much greater than I.

There is a respect that is commanded, a deep listening that is required, in order to dance with her mighty forces.

I don't know how long it will take for this story to unfold, in all the playful changes that life will bring, but it has begun.

And so I invite you to share this walk with me into this next phase of creation.

x K

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