I have been crafting bespoke, artisan jewellery since 2010. From the moment I first picked up a hammer and began tapping away on a piece of silver, I knew that I had found my world, artistically speaking. The sound of the hammer tapping away, transported me to another time, another place.

I am primarily a self-taught artist, which gives me the freedom to be highly experimental and fluid in how I work. I let the metal speak to me. Each piece that I create is a moment in time. I rarely sketch or plan my pieces, they emerge from the fire as a creative birthing, a revelation that unfolds before me. This is what makes the process of silversmithing so incredibly absorbing. When I am at my bench I disappear into the process of creation, I supply the hands and the eyes, and the rest comes from the other world. The most consistent feedback I get on my work is that it is so different, and unusual. I like that. I don’t fixate my work to any trend or aesthetic. It is fluid and ever-changing, a bit like myself I guess.

The tradition of adornment goes right back, and I love tapping into that lineage and sacred history as I work. I am passionate about our return to the values and quality of the past, when we spent time making things, with a lot of care and effort. A time where communities were created around makers and artisans, where you had the village cobbler, baker and tailor. A time when people chatted over needles clacking away, and took care of what they had until it could no longer serve them. This was a much gentler time for the individual and the community, and also for the planet! It is this passion and love for our planet that inspires me to contribute what I can to ‘be the change I wish to see in the world’.



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